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Here is how the Bahrain Grand Prix Went Down

bahrainIf there is one Formula One race you should never miss then it has to be Bahrain GP. Every year thousands of F1 fanatics throng Sakhir to get a taste of the thrill and intense pace at the International Circuit. Indeed, the 19th March race Sunday was watched by a record 32,000 fans.

If you were not there, here is a simple breakdown of what really went down at Bahrain. Of course, so much goes on in every F1 circuit but the over-the-edge excitement that everyone had before this Grand Prix makes it special in the 2015 calendar.

Take a look:

Pre-race Drama

Formula One gets a lot of thrill from what happens before the cars hit the tarmac.  The Hamilton-Mercedes contract drams dominated F1 circles as suggestions that he might replace Kimi Räikkönen at Ferrari emerged. Lewis was cool about it all and said there is no rush in signing his contract.

The Hamilton vs. Rosberg drama reignited with a report on Daily Mail quoting Rosberg as saying he and Hamilton cannot be friends. At the same time, Bernie Ecclestone was stoking fires saying he would like to see Hamilton and Vettel together at Ferrari. His idea on reverting to the older V8 engines also startled pundits.

Practice and Qualifying

While most fans had expected fireworks during practice and qualifying stage, there wasn’t much on offer. Well, Rosberg was in scintillating form during practice but fell short in qualifying eventually handing Vettel second position.  Hamilton took pole position but McLaren’s troubles continued amazing everyone with Button doing almost nothing in practice and finally failing to qualify due to car problems.

Race Sunday

Like in Australia and China GP, Hamilton never let his lead get away from pole. By the first corner, the Briton was showing his intent and took full advantage when Vettel went off track while fighting with Rosberg. Kimi was on an alternate tire strategy and it worked driving him to second position when Rosberg ran too deep into turn one in the penultimate lap.

Even after undercutting Hamilton and Rosberg during their pit stops, Vettel couldn’t hold on to second position. Another jinxed day for Rosberg saw his car’s brake failure give way to Kimi who then held on to the second position. Behind the three cars, Bottas managed to fight off Vettel and come in 4th with Vettel settling for 5th and Ricciardo in his RB11 coming in an impressive 6th.

Romain Grosjean again dazzled and came in 7th in his Lotus in front of Sergio Perez, Danill Kvyat and Felipe Massa closing the points at number 10. Well, you have to give it to Bahrain 2015 GP for another impressive race.