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5 Drivers to look out for in the 2016 Formula 1

Chinese-GPThree races down the line, the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix is all fired up for all the good reasons. Fans might have expected the worst but the thrill in Australia, Bahrain and Shanghai GPs has given a sneak preview of an exciting F1 season ahead. Away from the usual power games in F1, the action is happening where it should actually happen; on the track.

So far it is obvious the game has changed and there are some drivers who are definitely helping bring fans back to the stands. Here are some of the drivers to be on the lookout for:

1.      Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull

Red Bull might not have expected to be taking the fight to Ferrari and Williams this season, but it seems Daniel Ricciardo has other ideas. The Australian has always impressed on the track and his ever amiable personality belies the steel beneath. After three races, Ricciardo boasts 36 points 3 ahead of Sebastian Vettel. This is after finishing fourth in Australia, Bahrain and China. This is one driver who has the skill and guts to push for a top three finish in 2016.

2.      Nico Rosberg, Mercedes

To say that Rosberg is enjoying his best run in Formula One is an understatement. The German is winning races with so much ease that it is disarming. With six wins over the last six races including the last three of the 2015 GP season Nico is showing his mettle and it is obvious that his battle with his partner in Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, is going to get exciting.

3.      Daniil Kvyat, Red Bull

There has been so much pressure on Kvyat with both on-track and off-track pressure. There have been rumors that his seat is in jeopardy after being outperformed by his teammate Ricciardo. Whether this pressure motivated him in the Chinese GP or not, he was downright impressive. Kvyat showed his qualities with an incredible podium place and even Sebastian Vettel was stunned by his ‘torpedo like’ driving.

4.      Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari

If you are wondering why Kimi comes ahead of Vettel in the list, just consider where he stands in the driver’s standing. The Finn is at fifth only 5 points behind Vettel. Already, he has taken podium place in Bahrain at 2nd place and with his future in the Scuderias at risk, he will definitely push Sebastian Vetel to the limit.

5.      Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

Behind but not out; this is the message Hamilton is struggling to send his fans and you can bet the Briton knows how to fight back. Well, his clutch has had issues and his slow starts have cost him two races. Add this to the unfortunate incidents in Australia and the 5-grid penalty in Shanghai and you appreciate why Lewis might just fight back to snatch the lead before Abu Dhabi GP.

Well, there are other future champions in the making including Romain Grojean of Haas, Max Verstappen, Stoffel Vandoorne who stood in for Fernando Alonso at the Bahrain GP, Pascal Wehrlein at Manor. It seems like things are going to get more exciting and isn’t this what every fan desires?