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Updated and Accurate Standings for the Formula 1

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Many Formula One lovers always want their teams to be on top position. If you are also one of those people who love to keep updates about all the latest happenings then following are the team standings in the Formula One.

The RBR Renault is currently the number one team in the Formula 1 followed by McLaren-Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Force India-Mercedes, Sauber Ferrari, STR-Ferrari, Williams-Cosworth and Lotus-Renault.

These were the team standings in Formula 1. If you are one of those people who love to stay updated about all the happenings in the world of Formula 1, then it is advisable that you visit the official web site of the Formula One as it contains all the details and latest happenings in the world of Formula 1.

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Historic Formula One Grand Prix

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
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The Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most historic sporting and racing events. Ever since cars
were invented people were already racing in mud covered streets. The Grand Prix is an event that
has changed the way cars should run in races. Through the years, the race has been held in different
countries until it all ends up to the championships. However, the continuity of the Formula One’s glory
was cut short in 2007.

Michael Schumacher, one of the best F1 racers in the world, was gone and Kimi Räikkönen replaced him.
The Scuderia (Ferrari’s racing team) no longer dominated the racing scene and it had stopped enjoying
its power after garnering five consecutive Grand Prix World championships. This was because British
American tobacco halted its financial support for the team.

Because of the diversity of races including its racers and its teams, so many things have changed for the
Formula One Grand Prix. FIA decided that autos must only have one tire source which was Bridgestone
and dry tires per car were limited to only fourteen per car. For every race, drivers were also required to
use each of 2 various tire compounds for each race. These are only a few of the many rules and changes
that the F1 Grand Prix has. There are other alterations that even forced some teams to form their own GP racing series. You can check online for the right racing odds at Bet365 Sports.

The Popularity of the Formula One Grand Prix

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The Formula One Grand Prix has become phenomenal. The racing scene has never been faster with
the cars, drivers, and team that made the F1 possible. In decades, The Grand Prix gave way to a
number of racers who have become household names. One of the most popular names in F1 is Michael

Schumacher became so popular that he is known by both racing and non-racing fans around the globe.
Why has his name become pandemic? For one reason, he is the youngest 2 time champion in the history
of Formula One. He first came into the F1 picture when he raced for the first time in 1991 at the Spa-
Francorchamps. This is where he qualified as number seven for the Belgium Grand Prix. With just one
race later with Team Benetton his career immediately exploded. No one matched his skills regardless of
McLaren’s resurgence in 1998 to 1999.

The German racer has become a controversial icon. He has been involved in two collisions during the
season’s final race which identified the outcome of the world championship. The first was in 1994 in
Adelaide with Damon Hill. The second collision was in Jerez race in 1997 with Jacques Villaneuve.

Formula One Stand Out

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
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The Formula One Grand Prix has become a popular race simply because of the teams and brands
that are associated with it. One of the best and most celebrated team is the Scuderia Ferraro which
literally means Stable Ferrari. The team is unique and unmatched in the world of Grand Prix because it is
the only team that has competed in almost every season of the F1 World Championship ever since the
race was founded.

Established by highly acclaimed car maker Enzo Ferrari, the Scuderia gave the team a mark that will
never be omitted in the pages of history. What makes the team stand out? With cars created by Alfa
Romero, it has statistically become the most successful Formula one team with an overwhelming record
of sixteen constructor’s championships and fifteen driver champions.

During the 1950s however, when the British Grand Prix took event, the team Ferrari missed the
championship battle. This was because of the “start money” dispute which was paid to entrants. 1961
was the team’s break-out season. It fielded Wolfgang von Trips, Ritchie Ginther, and Phil Hill driving the
impressive and noisy Ferrari 156. Ever since Scuderia began racing, it has always prided itself with its
very own F1 racing cars which won in every race.


Michael Schumacher

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
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In every race there are always accidents that happen especially with races that deal with top
speeds. Ever since Senna’s dreadful accident at Imola and another driver’s accident one day after Senna
was killed the Formula One environment transformed. This transformation gave way to an ever famous
F1 Grand Prix associated name – Michael Schumacher.
The F1 circus was never the same with him. And yes, he had some accidents but he always stand
out proud. For more than a decade, he has already earned recognizable titles one in 1194 and another in
1995. He also has an astonishing 7 championships making him utterly extraordinary in a variety of ways.
Schumacher overtook another famous racer’s – Juan Manuel Fangio’s 5 F1 titles. In 1996,
Schumacher became even more popular when he joined team Scuderia Ferrari. He signed the biggest
contract in the history of F1 racing and sports. The amount of over 27 million dollars gave him the life of
a racing royalty and enjoyed what he has in tax free Monaco. Ferrari easily paid of its investment with
Schumacher because the moment he signed up for the team he claimed three wins, four poles, and an
Italian GP held at Monza.

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