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Historic Formula One Grand Prix

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
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The Formula One Grand Prix is one of the most historic sporting and racing events. Ever since cars
were invented people were already racing in mud covered streets. The Grand Prix is an event that
has changed the way cars should run in races. Through the years, the race has been held in different
countries until it all ends up to the championships. However, the continuity of the Formula One’s glory
was cut short in 2007.

Michael Schumacher, one of the best F1 racers in the world, was gone and Kimi Räikkönen replaced him.
The Scuderia (Ferrari’s racing team) no longer dominated the racing scene and it had stopped enjoying
its power after garnering five consecutive Grand Prix World championships. This was because British
American tobacco halted its financial support for the team.

Because of the diversity of races including its racers and its teams, so many things have changed for the
Formula One Grand Prix. FIA decided that autos must only have one tire source which was Bridgestone
and dry tires per car were limited to only fourteen per car. For every race, drivers were also required to
use each of 2 various tire compounds for each race. These are only a few of the many rules and changes
that the F1 Grand Prix has. There are other alterations that even forced some teams to form their own GP racing series. You can check online for the right racing odds at Bet365 Sports.

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