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Gran Prix Circuits

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
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The Grand Prix is actually a series of competitions held in different parts of the world. It takes place in

circuits which are either closed city streets (e.g. Monaco) or specially built race tracks (e.g. Singapore).

The Formula One first gained its popularity in the streets of Europe. However, as the years went by

many have become awestruck by its concept and F1 soon took event to other areas of the world. The

race’s results in the Formula Grand Prix are based on the combination of different races. The races

generate two results – one winner for constructors and another winner for drivers.

For years now, the amount of races that take place every season has greatly varied. For example, the

1950 World Championship season was comprised of seven races only. However, as contenders increase

in population, the racing calendar has already tripled with regards to size. The race size even reached

nineteen in 2005.

Race cars amazingly rush at very high speeds. Cars could travel to over 255mph and can pull a g-force

(acceleration measurement) of over 5g in different corners. The speed alone is one reason why more

and more people become hooked on the sport. Although the cars are way too expensive, the thrill it

provides to both racers and audience is irreplaceable.

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