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Gran Prix Glory

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
Written by Super User

For many years the F1 Grand Prix has become a symbol of top of the line auto racing. Ever since it was

established, many countries and many teams have enjoyed the fame and power of the event. Today,

regardless of it short absence due to the recent great recession, the Grand Prix has taken back its glory

with races happening in many circuits around the world.

Different countries host the F1 racing phenomenon. For example, in 2010 a race was held in Donington

Park in the UK and another race took event in Italy. San Marino has even hosted an event in 2006.

Among the most popular circuits however is the Singtel Singapore Circuit which is home to the

Singapore Grand Prix. There was also the Indian Grand Prix which took event in Delhi, India. Valencia,

Spain also became the host of the European Grand Prix.

Given these examples of places where Formula one races where held, it is obvious that Grand Prix has

become a sporting event that not only aims towards competing but also uniting people together. The

Formula One can be compared to the Olympics. It is without doubt the ultimate racing event where cars,

brands and drivers rule.

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