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Michael Schumacher

Category: The Grand Prix Competition
Written by Super User

In every race there are always accidents that happen especially with races that deal with top
speeds. Ever since Senna’s dreadful accident at Imola and another driver’s accident one day after Senna
was killed the Formula One environment transformed. This transformation gave way to an ever famous
F1 Grand Prix associated name – Michael Schumacher.
The F1 circus was never the same with him. And yes, he had some accidents but he always stand
out proud. For more than a decade, he has already earned recognizable titles one in 1194 and another in
1995. He also has an astonishing 7 championships making him utterly extraordinary in a variety of ways.
Schumacher overtook another famous racer’s – Juan Manuel Fangio’s 5 F1 titles. In 1996,
Schumacher became even more popular when he joined team Scuderia Ferrari. He signed the biggest
contract in the history of F1 racing and sports. The amount of over 27 million dollars gave him the life of
a racing royalty and enjoyed what he has in tax free Monaco. Ferrari easily paid of its investment with
Schumacher because the moment he signed up for the team he claimed three wins, four poles, and an
Italian GP held at Monza.

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