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F1 Grand Prix

Category: Driver Standings
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Innumerable afficionados from around the world seriously follow the different drivers and teams in their
journey from one circuit to another as they compete for supremacy in their particular categories be it in
MotoGP, Moto2, or 125cc class.

In the F1 Grand Prix, riders outdo each other in the circuit in an effort to score as much point possible. A
race winner is given twenty five points and drivers can receive points up to the fifteenth place. The 125
cc is the stepping stone towards higher categories. This class is the entry level wherein racers kick start
their Grand Prix careers.

Apart from this kind of Grand Prix the auto racing where teams like Ferrari rules is a much popular
event. The very championship circuit race was held in France during the 1950’s. When auto Grand
Prix became more popular, more and more countries host its preliminaries until it boils down to the
championships. Countries like Belgium, Singapore, Italy, and India are some of the many host countries.

Regardless of the kind of vehicle that race in circuits or streets, the Grand Prix has become a term
synonymous to grand racing because it is where people can witness top motorcycles or autos at
astonishing speeds.

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