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Either you are at Monaco or you are Not a Racing Fan

Monaco is one of the countries that hold the Formula One Grand Prix. The motorsport calendar has about 18 to 20 cities across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The Monaco Grand Prix takes place in the streets in Monte Carlo. The race covers 78 laps with one lap having a length of 3.34 kilometres. In total, drivers cover a distance of 260.52 kilometres. Any Formula 1 driver you come across will tell you that winning at the circuit of Monaco is in their dreams. Due to the circuit’s design, the Monaco race is slower than the rest.

Historic status, little room for error

Monte Carlo is the second circuit in the history of Formula 1 to receive its racing status. Silverstone in the UK was the first one. Winning at Monte Carlo requires a lot of skill and talent. Many drivers do fail to qualify and end up abandoning the race altogether. Drivers have no room for mistakes and every moment counts. This is one track that calls for maximum concentration. No other circuit gets down to this. There is a lot of braking and while at top speed, even the best Formula One drivers find overtaking an opponent almost next to impossible.

Michael Schumacher at MonacoJoining the hall of fame

The winning driver in Monaco puts his name among the greatest. Champions such as Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna are some notable entries. The latter won six times while Schumacher, fondly referred to as “Schumi” won five times. Organizers have made few changes to the original circuit. That is probably the reason why Monaco Grand Prix remains prestigious. The only alterations done increased the capacity of spectators and introduced a new garage complex. Against the roar of engines and ululating shouts of spectators is Monaco’s glorious sunshine and gleaming yachts docked in the harbour just next to the racetrack.

This is where you need to be

If you are looking for the most exciting Grand Prix, the Monaco circuit is where you ought to be. As the streets close to give room to some of the fastest and fascinating machines, the principality opens up her heart to eager tourists. The aroma of burning rubber is present at all times. That is how you get to know that you are in Formula One. As you look around, a variety of fashions line up the spectator stands. You cannot count the number of camera clicks and flashes that greet your view. All you need to do now is get your Monaco Grand Prix Tickets.